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Very Easy maths question on exponents?

625^-3/4 i know this equals 1/125

for (-32)^3/5 this equals -8 right? I was wondering if someone could explain to me what happens to the 1 and why it is not needed in the answer, but compared to the top one it is needed.
first, yes (-32)^(3/5) = -8

the difference between the two is the negative sign in the exponent.

if you ignore the negative sign at first, you get 125^(-1)...

In other words 625^( 3/4) is 125.

Any number to a -1 power will be equal to one divided by the number. Its a standard exponent property.
The first question, the exponent is negative, according to the exponent rule you have to put it under 1 as a fraction.

Second question, the exponent is positive therefore no fraction is needed.
we know that 10^-2= 10^2 so similarly:

625^-3/4 = 1/ (625^3/4)

obviously 5^4=625 thus

1/(625^3/4) = 1/(5^4^(3/4))

we know 2^5^3= 2^(5*3) = 2^15, similarly

1/(5^4^(3/4) = 1/5^(4*3/4) = 1/5^3

5^3 = 125 therefore

1/5^3 = 1/125



CALCULUS- sketch a graph of ONE function that satisfies all of the given conditions?

so my teacher gave us the following problem.. and I don

What is the remainder when 9^6 - 11 divided by 8?

plz b fast.......i stuck up at this question....
9 = 1 (mod 8)

right? Well, then:

9^6 = 9 * 9 * 9 * 9 * 9 * 9 = 1 * 1 * 1 * 1 * 1 * 1 = 1 (mod 8)


9^6 - 11 = 1 - 3 = 6 (mod 8)
(9^6-11) / 8

=(531,441-11) / 8

=531,430 / 8


I just took 250 mg of Tylonol Simply Sleep, am I okay?

How much is deadly?
Well, lets find out shall we?
Given that they are the 25 mg tablets, that means you took 8 more pills than you should have. That

Statistics help whats the difference between a t distribution and a z score?

Is it true you only use a t distribution when n is less than 30
Yes, but under some certain circumstances. We can use a t distribution when we know the distribution of the variable is normal, so we use t distribution (this is a condition isn

What is kappa alpha psi secret handshake?

As you shake hands, press the Brother

Why doesn

So according to vertical motion, you add the accelaration to the initial velocity forever. Therefore, if the initial velocity is 6 and accelaration is -1, it should be:

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 (and that would make a total of 21) every second

but when I use the formula, d = -u^2/2a I get 18 instead? Why is this happening?
From 0 to 1 sec, the average velocity is (6 5)/2 = 5.5

The second second, the average is 4.5.

Then 3.5, 2.5, 1.5, .5

Add them up and you get 18.
Because acceleration doesn

Math 30 trig question multiple choice (best answer)?

if the period of f(x)=sin(kx) where k cannot be zero, is A and the period of g(x)=absolute value(sinkx), where k cannot zero, is B then

a) A=B b) A= 2B c) A= B d) A=1/2B
period of A ---

Whats the derivative of (log(base x)e)?

Hey i just need help answering the question above. thanks
By the Change-of-base formula:

log_x(e) = ln(e)/ln(x) = 1/ln(x) = [ln(x)]^(-1).

Taking derivatives with the Chain Rule yields:

d/dx log_x(e)


Which is bigger, Luxembourg or Rhode Island?

i know that rhode island is the smallest state and luxembourg is like on of the world


Double replacement reaction

copper(II)Chloride oxalic acid --------------

1.13e 01 mg/mL means what roughly?

I need to dissolve 225mg in 1mL, The substance has a solubility of 1.13e 01 mg/mL, but Im not sure what 1.13e 01 means. I

How can I prevent a rogue Sassafras tree from entering through my bedroom window at night?

I swear this thing has a mind of its own. It punctures holes in my bedroom window

Should i become a doctor or a nurse?

i would like to be either a pediatric oncology doctor or nurse practitioner..but i would really like to have time for a family, when i start one. which job should i choose? advice? tips? thanks!
I know that as a doctor, you won

Finite help..please help..this is a very difficult problem?

two teams A and B are playing in a tournament where the first team to win five games wins. How many sequences are there? There are no ties.....

PLease Help.Please show me how to do this
If team A wins the tournament, then it wins the last game (because once they win the 5th game, the tournament ends). So list all sequences with 4 wins for A and either 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 wins for B; and put a win for A at the end of all of them:

4 wins for A and 0 wins for B obviously has only one sequence: AAAA

4 wins for A and 1 win for B has 5 sequences: BAAAA, ABAAA, AABAA, AAABA and AAAAB. This is expressed as 5C1, or

Why does the single fixed plate in a parallel plate capacitor have a small but non-zero capacitance?

Hi heyy, your question is self contradictory! It is not possible to have a single fixed plate in a parallel plate capacitor, since

The atmosphere

The atmosphere

If my friend shows me 3 cards, and I pick 1, what are the chances that...?

my friend showed me 3 cards, face down, and 2 were jacks and 1 was an ace--i had to try and pick the 1 ace. so i picked my card, then he showed me one of the other cards (that i didnt pick) that was a jack, so now there are 2 cards face down still, one of them being my original pick. then he asked me if i wanted to switch cards, and so i did, but after i switched cards--what are the chances of me having the ace after the switch?
This is the famous

Is this math right(for summer hw)?

For a problem i have on homework, im trying to figure out how far away lighting is by the distance of the lighting and the thunder.

There is a 10 second delay between lightning and thunder. The speed of sound is 761 mph. So too figure out the distance you have too divide speed of sound with the time. so too figure out the time you next have too figure out how much of an hour is 10 seconds. so 10 / 60 = 0.166666667

Then divide that with the speed of sound and you get 126.833334.

So the question is....

Did I figure out the answer or did I do something wrong?
761 mph/60 minutes/60 seconds = .211388889 MPS = 761/3600 MPS

We can also use scientific conversion to show this:

761 MPH x ( [1/60 minutes]/1 hour) x ( [1/60 seconds]/1 minute) = 761 MPH x 1/60 MPM x 1/60 MPS = .211388889 MPS = 761/3600 MPS

That is now in seconds. So multiply by 10 and move the decimal over.

The lightning is 761/360 miles away.

2.11388889 miles = 25.36667 blocks = 3401.981164 m = 11161.33333 ft
Just take 761 ft and multiply it by 10 sec. If it took ten seconds for the thunder to reach you and sound travels at 761 feet per second. 10 X 761 = Number of feet away. 7610 ft.



Can someone PLEASE simplify this expression? BEFORE TOMORROW!?

-(2^3)^(-2) x 2^(-1)


Force of seat upon the rider of a Ferris wheel?

A 75 kg person rides a Ferris wheel which is rotating uniformly. The centripetal force acting on the person is 45 N. What force does the seat exert on the rider at the top and bottom of the ride?

I know the answers (690 N at the top, 780 N at the bottom) but I

What does this ^ symbol mean in maths?

Exponentiation (

Find the value of the limit?

lim x ~

Bright bright moon and a shooting star ? a.s.a.p?

The moon was really bright as almost as bright as the sun and a little big i think to where when i looked at it and it almost blinded me. Then when i looked down i saw a shooting star a tiny one i did make a wish not sure if it will come true or not i hope so. I am not sure if there was a star next to it or not don

Solve the following equation : x

Solve the following equation : x 30x 225 =0

x 30x 225 =0


I am requiring some info about the environment in the united states and the native americans?

Task 1. Do the following tasks in paragraph form:

a) Describe features of the living environment experienced by an ancient


b) In what ways can archaeology tell us things about their social and

economic way of life and what are some examples we have.

This is my homework task and i

What is the best type of grow lights for cultivating medical marijuana plants with?

I have just been licensed in california to grow for ailments and am curious which lighting fixtures maybe the best
I would recommend that you pick up a copy of Jorge Cervantes

Find the intersection of -x 4y = 9 and 2x

Multiply the first equation by 2:

-2x 8y = 18...(i)

Second equation:

2x-5y = -12...(ii)

Now just add (i) and (ii):

-2x 8y = 18

2x-5y = -12


3y = 6

Divide both sides by 3:

y = 2

Plug the value of y in either equation:

2x-5y = -12

2x-(5*2) = -12

2x-10 = -12

Add 10 to both sides:

2x = -2

Divide both sides by 2:

x = -1

Therefore, (x,y) = (-1,2)...this is the intersection point of the two lines.

Why can

I mean, I can calculate pretty fast and sometimes when I took after classes (I am going to new school now,that

What is the difference between the 6th, 7th

I aim to learn Biology on my own and am going to buy a textbook to study. I have heard this is the best. If the differences are slight, I would be able to save quite a bit of money in buying an older edition. What are the differences and are they really worth the more expensive newest edition?
7th and 8th are virtually indistinguishable, the alterations were mostly in the organization of the textbook. With that in mind, we can infer that 6 probably isn

How and why the B letter has been chosen for naming the magnetic field?

Hi tullio, SKH provides an intriguing explanation for the use of the letter B for magnetic fields, however this does not explain why the letter H is also used for magnetic fields.

Therefore, I am sure that the letter B was not chosen in honour of Mr Biot, in fact, I believe it was used long before the Biot-Savart Law was described. I will add to this once I find the origin for B and H. I suspect they are the first letters for something magnetic in a foreign language.

Stay tuned....

Edit. Well, I suspect that the letter B was selected because the field lines always point towards the North Pole and the word for

Which is largest/smallest: 9^9^9, (9^9)^9, or 9^(99)?

To compare, we should make everything a power of 9. That way, the largest exponent will be the largest number, and the smallest exponent will be the smallest number. We have:




Only the second one is not an exponent of 9, but we can change that with index laws:

(9^9)^9 = 9^(9 * 9) = 9^(81)

Our three indices are:




Clearly 9^9 is largest, so 9^9^9 will be the largest. The smallest is 81, so (9^9)^9 is smallest.

EDIT @Wenn: For most operations, you work from left to right, but for exponents, you work from right to left (known as right-associativity). The reason is that (9^9)^9 can be trivially rewritten as 9^(9 * 9), so 9^9^9 meaning that by default is a waste of a syntax, whereas 9^(9^9) cannot be rewritten in any other short way.
well i have 99999^(99999) problems but a female dog is not one.
9^9^9 is the biggest by far, since 9^9

(10) For the reaction SO2(g) NO2(g) SO3(g) NO(g), the equilibrium constant is 18.0 at 1,200

(10) For the reaction SO2(g) NO2(g) SO3(g) NO(g), the equilibrium constant is

18.0 at 1,200C. If starting concentrations of SO2 and NO2 are 0.0500M and 0.100M,

respectively, what concentration of SO3 will be present at equilibrium?

Show the work please

this is basic chemistry. If you want other people to do your work for you then you shouldnt have taken the class in the first place.

Laws of motion question?

Q] Pushing force making an angle to the horizontal is applied on the block of weight

If you had taste buds on a place other than your tongue, how would the brain register it?

By some weird anomaly, say you had taste buds growing on your arm. If you sat on a chair and rested your arm on it, would your brain think that it was a taste in your mouth? Since touch is different than taste would the brain opt for the most familiar place of tasting and

Calculating Saturn

The moon, Titian, orbits the planet Saturn with a period of 1.4x10^6 s. The average radius of this orbit is 1.2x10^9 m. Calculate Saturn

Jim can type a 20 page document in 40 minutes, Sus can type it in 30 minutes, and Jack can type it in 24 minut?

Jim can type a 20 page document in 40 minutes, Sus can type it in 30 minutes, and Jack can type it in 24 minutes. Working together, how much time willit take to type the same document?
First, find the rates that each can type:

Jim = 20/40 = 1/2 pages/min

Sus = 20/30 = 2/3 pages/min

Jack = 20/24 = 5/6 pages/min

Now they will be working together, so the times are then the same. Multiply the rates times the same time, and they

Is there dna in human hair weave?

If someone that wore a human hair weave committed a crime, and investigators found some of their weave at the crime scene, would investigators suspect the person that the hair originally belonged to? Does the strand of weave contain dna?

I know it

How Do I Report A UFO?

Tonight i saw a UFO in SLC Utah. It was moving as fast as a meteor might but it was low and i could actually see the object. It was lit but not very bright. I have never seen a very low meteor so im not sure if it would look like this. I was just wondering the best way to go about this. I dont necessarily want to say it is a flying saucer I just want to know what it was. Is there a certain source i can report to that will tell me if it was a military plane or a meteor? I just wanna know what was in the skies tonight it was crazy! -

Just go onto the site above and fill out a report form. :)
You just reported it. And, as is often the case with such things, nobody important is interested.
mufon has a great site to
Report it to the nice men in the white coats

oh oh, they

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