Thursday, July 22, 2010

How Do I Report A UFO?

Tonight i saw a UFO in SLC Utah. It was moving as fast as a meteor might but it was low and i could actually see the object. It was lit but not very bright. I have never seen a very low meteor so im not sure if it would look like this. I was just wondering the best way to go about this. I dont necessarily want to say it is a flying saucer I just want to know what it was. Is there a certain source i can report to that will tell me if it was a military plane or a meteor? I just wanna know what was in the skies tonight it was crazy! -

Just go onto the site above and fill out a report form. :)
You just reported it. And, as is often the case with such things, nobody important is interested.
mufon has a great site to
Report it to the nice men in the white coats

oh oh, they

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