Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is this math right(for summer hw)?

For a problem i have on homework, im trying to figure out how far away lighting is by the distance of the lighting and the thunder.

There is a 10 second delay between lightning and thunder. The speed of sound is 761 mph. So too figure out the distance you have too divide speed of sound with the time. so too figure out the time you next have too figure out how much of an hour is 10 seconds. so 10 / 60 = 0.166666667

Then divide that with the speed of sound and you get 126.833334.

So the question is....

Did I figure out the answer or did I do something wrong?
761 mph/60 minutes/60 seconds = .211388889 MPS = 761/3600 MPS

We can also use scientific conversion to show this:

761 MPH x ( [1/60 minutes]/1 hour) x ( [1/60 seconds]/1 minute) = 761 MPH x 1/60 MPM x 1/60 MPS = .211388889 MPS = 761/3600 MPS

That is now in seconds. So multiply by 10 and move the decimal over.

The lightning is 761/360 miles away.

2.11388889 miles = 25.36667 blocks = 3401.981164 m = 11161.33333 ft
Just take 761 ft and multiply it by 10 sec. If it took ten seconds for the thunder to reach you and sound travels at 761 feet per second. 10 X 761 = Number of feet away. 7610 ft.

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